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FOX Business
Mar 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
it. gerri: they want to have all the information they can about me, maybe i fly new york to san francisco, twice a month, they will look me up with a higher price, isn't that the whole goal? >> they want to knoo what airlines you like, what you like. it will build the secret sauce returning the three options that you are really going to want. the problem is those three options are 40% over what you should really pay, you will not know that at the time and that is the real problem. gerri: will they be showing the same results on the group sites, or how does it work? >> you're looking at a two-dimensional screen not only presenting very complicated set of plates, but now 100 options with each one, somehow be able to compare delta and american and united and it is almost important to do. they want us to do this on a phone. so it is almost impossible to do. in the end what they really want to do is shop on the airline sites, it cost them less and wants you to buy things that are add-on and premium up selling product. they want to act like amazon where there is a fee plus a sushi men
FOX Business
Mar 28, 2013 6:00pm EDT
as 23% in phoenix, 18% in san francisco, vegas, detroit seeing big jumps. joining me now, the ceo and founder of real wealth network and robert shiller, a yale economist and co-creator of the case shiller home price index which is followed by many. robert, i will start with you. is this a real recovery? >> well, i think home prices are likely to go up this year, maybe into next. but i still worry about price declines. i don't see -- you know, this is a government-supported recovery, and the government may not be there, may not continue this years into the future. so i think there's still something to worry about. gerri: kathy, is there still something to worry about? >> it depends on where you live. we've spent too much time talking about a housing market. there's no such thing. there's a lot of little markets, little neighborhoods, and the last time i checked people still like living indoors. our population is growing by 1.5% every year, that's four million people. if you count a household as two and a half people, that's about two million homes that need to be created every year. th
FOX Business
Mar 7, 2013 6:00pm EST
san francisco, seattle, denver, we are seeing big price increases along side strong job growth and tight safety race. in other words, and those markets -- gerri: with housing and job growth going hand-in-hand, job growth is what fuels new housing purchases. that is very good news. i want to talk for a second about sustainability of the trend because, let's face it, housing inventories are in the toilet. there was a 17% drop in housing inventories year-over-year. that is a huge move. and you cannot -- i mean, this is what is in part filling the increase on prices because there are so few houses to pick from, naturally the prices go up. so at the end of the day you think it is sustainable. >> in fact inventories are down more than 50 percent in some markets, like many veterans in california. right now we are trapped in an inventory spiral. no one wants to sell the bottom. rising prices will eventually in the next year or two cause more people to want to sell. gerri: come on. that is that the only reason that house are not on the market. people are under water. they are afraid that th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)